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Sleep Time+ Alarm Clock and Sleep Cycle Analysis with Soundscape for Health and Fitness 2.5(¥170)

カテゴリ: ヘルスケア/フィットネス, ユーティリティ
現在の価格: ¥170(サイズ: 47.6 MB)
販売元: Azumio Inc. - Azumio Inc.
リリース日: 2012/03/23


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What’s New
1. Login via Argus.
2. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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Smart alarm clock that analyze your sleep and wakes you up at the perfect moment of your lightest sleep phase. Wake up feeling refreshed.
Featured on TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Mashable, 148apps and many others...

Version 2.2 has arrived! With this release, Sleep Time is now the most feature-rich sleep analysis and alarm clock app on the App Store.

Why buy a second app you have to turn on every night to play music as you fall asleep? We listened to YOUR feedback and now you get a TWO-IN-ONE app: soundscapes AND a sleep cycle alarm clock in one easy package for the same low price!

This is the only sleep app you will ever need.

Sleep Time uses the sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone to detect movements during the night. Our advanced algorithm determines your phase of sleep, and sets off the alarm at the perfect moment. You will never wake up from a deep sleep feeling groggy again.

Find out why over 35 MILLION users love our apps!

★ Set the alarm clock with a single gesture
★ Fall asleep to soundscapes or white noise!
★ Alarm rings even in silent mode
★ Choose from any of our 20 built in alarms
★ OR wake up to your favorite song from iTunes!
★ Sleep Lab™ with sleep cycle analysis
★ Detailed monthly and weekly graphs
★ Advanced wake-up optimization algorithm
★ Instant Heart Rate integration to detect pulse
★ Full history and graphs make comparison easy
★ Backup and restore your sleep data on the cloud
★ No glasses needed for our easy to read interface!

Let us know how you like the app! Visit us at: www.azumio.com

Sweet Dreams!

★★★★★ Azumio Team ★★★★★

This app uses a third party service Flurry Analytics, which uses your device MAC address to track the app's usage patterns.


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