【iPhoneアプリ】iPhoneのファイル管理に!「FileApp Pro」


「FileApp Pro」は、電子メール、ドキュメント、画像、オーディオ、ビデオ、PDF、ワード、エクセル、パワーポイントのファイルをPCに転送できるようにするアプリです。

iPhoneファイル管理アプリ「FileApp Pro 」ドキュメントマネージャ|地球にやさしい美容室

FileApp Pro 3.1.1(¥450)

カテゴリ: ビジネス, ユーティリティ
現在の価格: ¥450(サイズ: 17.8 MB)
販売元: DigiDNA SARL - DigiDNA SARL
リリース日: 2010/03/08

App + iPhone/iPadの両方に対応

現在のバージョンの評価: (15件の評価)
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What’s New
Version 3.1.1

- Addresses an issue with the application's passcode, preventing it to be recognised.

Version 3.1

New features:
- Redesigned home screen
- Imported files are now accessible through the local files section
- Current song is now shown on the home screen
- Added iPhone 5 and iOS6 support
- Folders can now be sorted before files
- Thumbnails are now generated for image files in the list views (can be turned off)

- Better performances when loading/refreshing files
- Memory optimisation

- Music is now resumed after a phone call
- Fixed audio recording issues
- Fixed a crash when transferring large files from the device using the FTP service.
- Other small bug fixes and stability improvements.

- Due to recent changes in Apple's Developer Tools, the iPhone 3G and iPodTouch 2 are no longer supported (iPhone 3GS is still supported).
- iOS versions lower than 4.3 are no longer supported. We apologise for the inconvenience.

What's planned for the next releases ?

We redesigned FileApp's home screen to prepare for the addition of network services.
New cloud based storage providers such as DropBox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, WebDAV, FTP, etc. will be progressively added.

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univss1 univss2 univss3 univss4 univss5

FileApp Pro is a handy files and documents manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allowing to read, move, copy, rename or transfer via email documents, images, audio, videos, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint files with multiple selection so that all files can be organized from the device, on the go.

FileApp Pro is FileApp (free) on steroids adding power features such as:

+ File renaming
+ Multi-selection file/folder moving, copying
+ Multi-selection file/folder ZIP
+ Multi file/folder email sending
+ Multi-selection deletion
+ Folder creation
+ Text file creation
+ Text (.txt) file editing
+ Voice Memo recording
+ And a lot more to come

FileApp Pro has retained its little brother's simplicity while greatly expanding its capabilities. It's all there, when you need it, without sacrificing simplicity.

+ MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
+ iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynotes)
+ OpenDocuments (OpenOffice) (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation) basic formatting only
+ Plain Text and RTF (Rich Text Format; with custom font selection and size)
+ Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and others)
+ Audio (MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV)
+ Video (standard iPhone format : H.264, MPEG-4)
+ Web Archives
+ HTML files

Our customized help view will guide you through setting the connection with your device effortlessly.

We have taken great care in offering an application that gives your more because of its simplicity. We're convinced you will notice the difference.
Compatible file formats will gradually be added and additional features also, so stay tuned and enjoy FileApp!

+ Files are sorted alphabetically, by folder, by date, by file type and by latest opened documents
+ File search : filtering search and deep level search available at your fingertip
+ Optional display of file size, extension, type and date
+ Delete files from within the application
+ Rotation portrait/landscape

+ USB file transfer to Mac and PC using DiskAid or iTunes File Sharing
+ Robust wireless file transfer to computer via WiFi (FTP)
+ Stores any file sent from any third party app (Mail, Safari...)
+ Allows to "Open In..." any compatible app (Pages, Numbers, iBooks...)

+ MS Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), all formats supported
+ Custom PDF Reader for optimum readability
+ RTF and Plain Text with text reflow, custom font and size
+ iWork documents (Pages, Numbers and Keynotes)
+ Open Office Documents (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation)
+ HTML files
+ Safari Web Archives
+ ZIP (compress and uncompress Zip archives)
+ Send documents via email attachments
+ Open attachments from "Mail" app
+ Remembers scrolling position of for all long documents

+ Compatible with large images
+ Swipe gesture
+ Slideshow (with slideshow timer settings)
+ Button next & previous to browse images
+ Rotation portrait/landscape
+ Send images via email attachments
+ Import pictures and movies both from Camera Roll and Photo Library
+ Pictures & movies can be shot and stored in FileApp using the device's camera

+ Audio (MP3 VBR, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV)
+ Video (standard iPhone format : H.264, MPEG-4)
+ Background, Continuous, Shuffle and Repeat play modes available
+ Full AirPlay support

+ Built-in custom sound recorder to capture memos and sounds
+ Stores recorded audio files in FileApp directly!

+ Sending of files via email for MS Office documents, PDFs, Images, Open Office documents, iWork documents, RTF, HTML and Text
+ Open file attachments from "Mail" app

+ Passcode to protect FileApp at startup
+ Wireless transfer Password if needed

+ Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7
+ Mac OS X (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger)
+ Linux (GNOME & KDE)




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