【iPhoneアプリ】標準カレンダー、Doitとも同期出来る日記「Everyday Notes」



iPhone標準カレンダーと同期できるし、タスク管理アプリDo itとも同期出来るんです。



【Everyday Notes】カレンダーの予定も取り込んで毎日を記録できる日記アプリ。ノート風デザインが素敵。

Everyday Notes 2.0.1(¥600)

カテゴリ: 仕事効率化, 写真/ビデオ
現在の価格: ¥600(サイズ: 21.9 MB)
販売元: Adylitica, Inc. - Adylitica, Inc.
リリース日: 2011/10/13


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What’s New
- Fixed an issue with small pictures
- Fixed random glitches

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Do you have stuff going on in your life you want to keep track of? Managing a calendar is too much hassle: setting alarms, specific times, etc. Most upcoming things in your life are simple: take the dog to the vet, report due, your aunt is visiting.

Everyday Notes is a very simple and easy notebook for jotting down some notes about what and when things are going on. Just take some quick notes, and stop worrying about what is happening when.

You'll get a fresh page for every day, an outline view to see your week at a glance, and the convenience of having a notebook in your phone :)


★ Notebook experience
★ A fresh page for every day of your life
★ Weekly notes overview
★ To-do list
★ Syncs with our other App: Do it (Tomorrow) - history too!
★ Full history and month scrolling support
★ Integrated photo library and camera
★ 2-way Calendar integration/sync
★ Cloud sync and backup of all notes
★ 3D Page flipping, use your finger to turn the pages

### NOTE To Everyday Notes FANS! ###

Thanks a lot for your support and for the nice reviews! You are all awesome!
We listen to you and are working on adding features you are missing!
Reviewing the app helps us a lot, so thanks for the feedback and supporting Everyday Notes!

Need support or have direct feedback? Just send us an email at web-support at adylitica.com




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